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For over 20 years, we've been one of the top contractors in St. Louis and St. Charles counties because we pride ourselves on creativity and design. thinking outside the box to produce attractive outdoor living spaces for our clients.

A concrete patio can be a practical addition to your home. It’s not just an outside area to enjoy- because it serves as another extension of your home, too! Patios are sturdy, so even if you’re constantly putting pressure on them with chairs and tables; they’ll stay intact for many years. Concrete patios are super easy to clean, plus if anyone spills something, all you need is a rag and some cleaner. Choosing the right material for your outdoor space? A concrete patio may just be the perfect option! We’ll work together with you every step of the way in order to make sure we come up with something unique that suits both your personality and budget. If a standard deck isn’t what you’re looking for, talk to us about adding screened porches or shady structures onto your new construction project! You won’t regret hiring professionals who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to dealing with materials such as these! Check out some of our completed projects on our gallery page


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Trust me, a concrete patio will really suit your personality. I would know because my own very personal design was created from one of these very much stunning landscapes. Have you ever wanted to spend time outdoors without leaving your property and having the best of both worlds at hand? This could be achieved with just one stone garden overgrown with creepers that drip to life cascading waterfalls creating the oasis effect all avid nature enthusiasts crave. With waterproof pavers going through lavish plant borders that conceal the ground beneath grassy carpets keeping busy paws away from messes while walls block out sound this is everything you could ever want: peace, tranquility, and admiration surrounding every direction in which you turn, real estate wise as well as spiritually speaking.

Why you need a UNIQUE concrete patio?

The concrete patio is the perfect space to relax, entertain, and dine in. Its functional design makes it the ideal choice for hosting gatherings of all sizes, while its aesthetic appeal adds beauty and style to your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to replace an old, damaged concrete patio or simply update your outdoor area with a new and modern look, there are many reasons why you should choose a concrete patio.

Another reason why many homeowners prefer a concrete patio is that it offers flexibility in terms of size and design. Whether you have a large backyard or a small terrace area outside your condo unit, there is always an option for a custom-built concrete patio that will match your needs and aesthetic preferences perfectly. With so many styles available today.

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