Parking Lot paving services


Parking Lot Contractors of the greater st louis area

A well-maintained parking lot can increase curb appeal on your commercial residence and impress visitors—all while minimizing the risk of potential injuries from cracks and potholes. If your parking lot needs full replacement or resurfacing, our asphalt company has state-of-the-art equipment and a full team of professionals to help you avoid high costs and disruption to your business.

Business owners all over St. Louis turn to concrete when they want their property to not only look good but also last for years and years. We cannot overstate the importance of good aesthetics and infrastructure. When every last detail is perfect down to the ground your visitors walk on, it reflects the values of your company. We are dedicated to making you look good! We specialize in commercial paving, repaving, maintenance, and repair of concrete surfaces.

Concrete Curb install & Replacement

Concrete curbs tend to take a considerable amount of pounding throughout the years. Sidewalks are constantly walked on and curbs are routine destinations for car bumpers. This can bring down the overall appearance of a parking lot, in conjunction with cracked asphalt, can cause a your business to look unprofessional.

parking lot paving services
parking lot paving services

Concrete Slab Replacement

We are equipped to handle your concrete services. From sinking areas that have become a trip hazard, curbing repair or tear out and replacement of a damaged area in your parking lot. In order to avoid further deterioration of parking lots, we suggest filling all major cracks before applying a seal coat to the parking lot. Patching consists of milling out a minimum of 2 inches to a full depth patch in damaged areas of your parking lot. 

Commerical Concrete Parking Lot Installation

Up-Front Cost. Concrete parking lots are increasingly cost effective compared to asphalt parking lots due to rising petroleum prices, asphalt shortages. Life-Time Cost. Concrete parking lots require very little maintenance. Re-sealing is recommended every 3-4 years, and can be done very economically with virtually no down time. Concrete parking lots are virtually maintenance free. No more weeklong reseal projects every couple of years. No closing parking areas off for days at a time or costly repair work. A properly designed and installed concrete parking area can last fifty years!! Refreshing a concrete parking lot typically requires only a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer and a spray on sealer.

parking lot paving services

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